All you need to know about us

Matthias Streicher, BSc
Matthias Streicher, BSc

Owner of Luma FILMS

I’m a 23-year old filmmaker based out of Graz, Austria. I love to experiment with different styles and try to carry my youthful motivation and unbiased mentality into every project.

For those of you who are not familiar with the film glossary and are wondering what the word LUMA stands for, here’s a short description. The word LUMA is derived from the word luminance and is often used to describe the brightness in a picture. The value itself is usually abbreviated as Y and is frequently represented by a number between 0 (pitch black) and 100 (pure white). But enough about the technical terms, let’s talk about filmmaking.

Why LUMA Films?

Although I have developed my own unique style over the past few years as a filmmaker I am always trying to cater to my clients’ needs and meet their expectations as best as I can. After all, it’s not about me but rather my ability to bring the client’s vision to the screen and make emotions come alive. This mind-set has led me to where I am now, being able to produce a wide range of different films such as Music Videos, Corporate/Image Films, Weddings, Advertisements, Event Aftermovies, Short Films, you name it.

What sets us apart?

Despite the temptation of falling back into well-known patterns I try to tackle each and every project with a fresh and unbiased mind giving it my undivided attention.